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If you can’t reach the whole world… just reach one child

Brochure: Seven Keys To Transformed Kids 

Below you can find the resources Character Camp offers. With the information below you will be able to stay current with the latest news from Character Camp, register for upcoming events, view our latest videos, see images from our latest gatherings and find all the documentation needed to attend or participate with Character Camp.

Upcoming Events

Character Camp strives to offer numerous character training sessions throughout the year to maximize the opportunities for people to attend. Please check our event list regularly as we are constantly posting all our upcoming events. Learn More >>

Latest News

Get all the latest information from Character Camp’s latest events and programs. Click on the link to stay current with Character Camp. Learn More >>

Character Camp Blog

Character Camp believes that in order to reach the maximum number of today’s youth, there needs to be a place to gather insights. Our blog will consistently be a place to learn more on how Character Camp is helping today’s youth. Learn More >>

Video Gallery

Character Camp wants to show you how great attending one of their functions can be. Click on the link to view all our videos. Learn More >>

Photo Gallery

On our photo gallery page you will find images that show what it means to be a part of a life changing event. They say a picture speaks a thousand words; well, our gallery will explain what it truly means to be a part of Character Camp. Learn More >>


To find all the required forms that need to be submitted to Character Camp to attend one of our events, please click on the link. On this page you will find all required documents. Learn More >>