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We are a nationally acclaimed organization, impacting public school students through world-class character education, exciting STEM workshops, unforgettable youth retreats and fun recreational events throughout the year. We have a great reputation for having the best and safest retreats. We use professional instructors and coaches and are accompanied by professional medical personnel.

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University of Houston Downtown Aviation Partnership With Character Camp

Shown in the photo are youth aviation instructors Eunice (left), Cherith (right) and Cora,

WTMC Support For Character Camp

WTMC is a passionate supporter of Character Camp, a youth organization with an impressive

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Character Camp

Character Camp is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, registered in the state of Texas, that partners with local schools, youth agencies and Corporate America to make lasting and far-reaching impacts on families, educational institutions, communities and employers. Character Camp’s innovative youth camps, mentoring programs, on-campus projects and community events create win-win scenarios for everyone. Children enjoy safer, more productive pastimes. Communities enjoy lower crime rates. Educational institutions enjoy improved behavior which creates a more conducive learning environment. And employers enjoy the benefits associated with hiring honest employees with superior work ethics.