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Overview | Character Camp

Our successes and failures are set in motion, not by the circumstances without, as much as by the character within.

Brochure: Seven Keys To Transformed Kids 

Our Character Training program focuses on twelve key elements to develop children into productive, well adjusted citizens. We use state certified academic instructors and hand picked mentors. Our summer enrichment program features certified coaches and fine arts professionals who are experts in their crafts. Generous sponsors and faithful volunteers have helped us to make an enormous difference in the lives of thousands of children. We believe there is no greater cause than changing the future by enriching the lives of children. Character Camp gladly serves all children, regardless of race, national origin, religion, sex or socio-economic background.

At Character Camp, we believe that:

  • character allows the instructional environment to be manageable, thus conducive to learning
  • character gives children the self-control to make healthy choices in every area of life
  • character is necessary for any individual to become a good and productive employee or citizen

Character Building Programs


This is the best of both worlds—character training and academics in one memorable package! Mastery level instructors team up with character dramatists to inspire, enlighten and entertain excited young learners. Children are taught real life lessons through dramatic skits and lecture-style instruction.

Project Graduation

Character Camp adopts ninth graders who have been identified by the State of Texas as being at-risk for graduation and mentors them throughout their high school career in order to help increase their chances for graduation.

Youth Mentoring

Character Camp helps to instill positive values and critical life skills through adult mentoring relationships. We seek to form relationships with youth and their parents to impact entire families.

Summer and Winter Youth Retreats

Character Camp turns fond memories into teachable moments that shape the character and the soul. Our youth camps are a key component of our Character Education program. Children enjoy horseback riding, popular sports, swimming, canoeing, obstacle courses, theme parties, campfires, hay rides, team building activities, karaoke and a whole lot more. They enjoy comfortable air conditioned cabins and nutritious hot meals.

Character Education

We focus students on twelve key character traits and highlight a different character trait each month of the year.

Academic Tutoring

Character Camp has tutored hundreds of students in all the core subjects, as well as in Spanish and TAKS testing. Tutoring is done by certified teachers and selected volunteers. Our motto is: “Whether Learning or Leisure…It’s Fun All The Same!”

Youth Social Activities

Character Camp utilizes youth social activities in safe environments to engage youth with positive peer pressure. All events are coordinated by skilled adult chaperones.

Youth Sports Programs

Character Camp employs professional coaches to oversee the safety, enjoyment and effectiveness of youth sports and exercise. Children improve fitness and skills while strengthening their character along with their bodies.

Precious Princess Program

Character Camp’s Precious Princess program addresses the opportunities and characteristics that are unique to today’s pre-teen girls.

“Sleeping Beauty Weekend” is a fun-filled educational event that features a girls-only overnight hotel slumber party in a safe and protective environment.

Girls participate in creative lessons with interesting topics that emphasize confidence, character and positive self-esteem to inspire and maximize their future successes. Girls also enjoy memorable games, beauty tips and royal treatment.

Workers With Character Program

The purpose of the Workers With Character program is to encourage and promote self-sufficiency and economic independence through employment. At the same time, the program helps to create eligibility for significant tax credits for employers. At no cost to the employer, Character Camp will prescreen and pre-train work-eligible individuals to ensure:

  • Proper work ethics
  • Skills fitness for position
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Reliability and commitment to assignment

Our goal is to instill leadership traits into every Character Camp child. It’s all about changing and growing through skilled adult mentoring, positive peer pressure and impactful character education strategies. The unforgettable experiences we provide serve to transfer key life skills and attitudes to our children.