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Is It Safe? | Character Camp

Safety Is What We Do Best!

Our Pledge is: “Your child is as safe with us as they are with you.”


Character Camp is the safest place you can send your child. In 30+ years of serving children, we have established a flawless reputation for safety. We have never had a single allegation of child abuse, neglect, injury or endangerment. We work hard to protect children and to maintain the absolute trust of parents. Parents have trusted Character Camp countless times to conduct classes, workshops, field trips, overnight lock-ins, day camps, away camps and even trips to multiple foreign countries. We have brought every child back safe and sound every time.

Our Safety Measures

Medical Care

Character Camp retreats are not only accompanied by qualified, friendly medical professionals who are exclusively dedicated to the care of our campers and counselors, but we are also fully covered by general liability and medical insurance.

Recreational Safety

We are serious about fun but are extremely safety conscience. We use well-managed retreat centers with highly qualified safety personnel. In addition to the onsite safety personnel, every recreational activity is monitored and co-supervised by Character Camp staff members to doubly ensure the safety of our children.

Our Adult Worker Staff

Our Executive Director has professional management experience with OSHA Compliance and company-wide safety program oversight in a corporate setting. The vast majority of our staff members are volunteers — fun-loving, hand-picked heroes who generously serve children with their professional abilities and giftedness. Because of the large number of high quality volunteers we are able to attract, we consistently maintain a Low S.T.A.R. (low student to adult ratio).

Background Checks

All adult volunteers, even if they are not working directly with children must undergo a criminal background check as well as a sex offender background check.

Child Protection Training

All adult volunteers, even if they are not working directly with children must undergo a state certified child protection training program. In addition, they must submit to a written examination and achieve a perfect score to verify their comprehension of the child protection training materials. In addition, all volunteers must undergo Character Camp’s exclusive child protection and child supervision training program. We always elect to go above and beyond state requirements and the requirements of retreat centers when it comes to the safety of our children.

Transportation Safety

Depending on the length of our road trips when traveling to and from our retreats, we use either air-conditioned school buses with professional drivers or motor coach class transportation with professional drivers.

Physical Security

We consider ourselves fortunate to have a police officer who volunteers and travels with Character Camp for the care of our children. Not only is he a keen protector, but the kids love his warm, fun-loving personality.

Dorm Safety

Every Character Camp dorm room has adult supervision overseeing the campers. No counselor is allowed to be alone in a private setting at any time for any reason with any camper who is not their biological, custodial child. We do not allow dating or coupling in any form and do not allow any camper to be in the dorm bedroom vicinity of the opposite sex for any reason.

Camper To Camper Interaction

Campers are not allowed to be alone with another camper without adult supervision. Bullying, inappropriate joking, harassment, unsocial behavior and inappropriate horseplay are not tolerated.

Pledge of Protection

We serve notice upfront to any would-be child predator that Character Camp is the last place they want to be.

For more information, please contact Ms. Cherith Randle at (844) 687-2267.