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If you ever browse the statistics regarding children in the foster care system, be prepared to have your heart broken over and over again.


In December 2015, a U.S. District Court found the Texas foster care system unconstitutional because children were not free of an unreasonable risk of harm.
The District Court found that children “almost uniformly leave state custody more damaged than when they entered.”
Judge Janis Jack said the Texas system is one “where rape, abuse, psychotropic medication, and instability are the norm.”

Children are facing more complexities than ever before. From broken homes to invasive social media to bullying and gang recruitment and sexual pressures and drugs, and etcetera, life is challenging for them. We are here to be a parent’s best friend and your child’s trusted ally. In addition to our medical director being a skilled and caring counselor, we have educators who are experts in child behavior and well-trained camp counselors who care deeply for the well-being of Character Camp kids. We have experienced great success with relational nouthetic counseling which is founded on a trusting relationship and ongoing mentoring to bring about deep and long-lasting impact in the lives of children and their families.

The Heartbreak

  • The numbers that leave foster care with undiagnosed mental health problems, often linked to the sexual, physical, or emotional abuse sustained in different foster homes.
  • Rampant overmedication of foster care children as noted by U.S. District Court Judge Janis Jack.
  • The numbers that go from the foster care system to homelessness.
  • The numbers that go from the foster care system into the criminal justice system.
  • The number of pregnancies that occur with children in the foster care system.
  • The fact that not even half the children in foster care will ever be reunited with their biological families.
  • The number of children who die in foster care.
  • The astounding number of allegations documented by Child Protective Services regarding neglectful supervision, physical abuse, physical neglect, sexual abuse and sex trafficking.

“When the state removed me from my family in the winter of 2000, I thought I would finally have the chance to escape the abuse I had become so accustomed to at home. Instead, I was thrust into a nightmare that was worse than anything I had experienced before.”        Kristopher Sharp

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