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Summer Day Camp

There is nothing more important over the long summer than keeping them safe and keeping their minds sharp.

Adventure and Discovery Start Here!

Ages 6 to 12

“My kids will be going to Character Camp every year until they age out!”

Top Three Reasons:

  • More Affordable Than Daycare

  • More Fun and Adventures Than Daycare

  • More Learning Than Daycare (Academics, Character, Leadership)

    Character Camp has created, developed and mastered the exclusive I-C-A-N learning system which has greatly increased effectiveness in youth education. I-C-A-N stands for Interactive Coaching and Networking, a philosophy that blurs the lines between work and play, engages the heart before engaging the mind and empowers students to help govern the learning environment and pace, thus exponentially increasing student interest, engagement and commitment to learning. We have very strong S.T.E.M. subject matter expertise in Electronics, Math, Robotics, Computer, Aviation and Music. We have long-term educators who are experienced at curriculum development and delivery.


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