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Staff Members | Character Camp

Arthur Davidson
Executive Director

Arthur began the movement that would become Character Camp in 1986. He is a graduate of the U.S. Navy’s College of Advanced Electronics and currently is the Contracts, Safety and Training Manager for the Worldwide Turnaround Management Company. Formerly, he managed turnaround project controllers for a global oil and gas refiner. He has authored numerous articles for national magazines. He was recognized as volunteer of the year for the 27 schools in the HISD south district in 2006 and incorporated Character Camp as a non-profit charity in 2008. Beyond Character Camp, his passion is his family and serving in his church.

Eunice Davidson
Vice President

Eunice attended the University of Mississippi and Texas Southern University and holds a Bachelor of Science degree. She is a highly sought after teacher in the Pearland school district where she has been recognized as Teacher of the Year. She designs training curriculum for Character Camp, including character building activities and team building exercises. Her winsome, no-nonsense approach to education has made her popular with students and parents alike. Her retreat planning and coordinating have brought many innovative refinements to Character Camp. In her leisure, she loves cruising and shopping.

Cherith Randle
Business Manager

Cherith Randle is a Houston native who is currently the Business Manager and Retreat Coordinator for Character Camp.  She has been a member of Character Camp for over twenty years and was also a Character Camp student. Cherith’s passion is working with youth to ensure that they become productive members of society; she truly believes that children are our most valuable possessions. She obtained a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Texas Woman’s University and is a Certified Fraud Examiner.

Faye Harden
Ways and Means Officer

Faye is a retired elementary school teacher (Teacher of the Year) from Houston Independent School District and has twenty-four years of experience in the education field. She presently works part time for the district as an associate teacher. Her compassion, love and concern for the well-being of youth inspired her to volunteer and become a board member for Character Camp. Faye was the first individual to serve Character Camp in the position of Board Chairperson. She is married to a civil engineer, has a son who is a business entrepreneur and a daughter who is a family practice physician. She is active in her church, Sunday school and Bible study.

Shawn Wolfe
IT Consultant

Shawn is a Network Engineer with almost 20 years of experience in information technology and networks support. He joined Character Camp as the IT Consultant at the end of 2014. He holds certifications from Microsoft including those for systems engineer and IT professional in addition to certifications from Cisco, CompTIA and Apple. At WTMC he provides day to day network and computer support for the home office staff as well as technical support for employees in the field. Shawn also manages the WTMC Training Center computers and maintains the company’s servers. In his spare time, Shawn enjoys surfing, motorcycling, caring for canines and supporting animal causes.

O’Neal Davidson
Safety & Security Officer

O’neal holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Houston. He served on Character Camp’s Advisory Committee during college and currently serves on the Operating Staff. As a retreat chaperone, his gentle, generous spirit makes him a favorite with the kids. He is a certified water safety professional and the director of music at his church. He has served as supervisor of children for Touch of Keys camps and as Site Director for Making It Better school programs. In his spare time, O’neal is a gun enthusiast and is pursuing a career in law enforcement.


Kintra has been working with Character Camp since 2013 as a Counselor and Lead Instructor. She now oversees the 6 to 9 Counselors and leads the instructional program. Her warm and relaxed personality make her a popular teacher, an effective mentor and a beloved Lead Counselor. She is an effective outreach coordinator, engaging numerous youths in Character Camp programs.