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Children are facing more complexities than ever before. From broken homes to invasive social media to bullying and gang recruitment and sexual pressures and drugs, and etcetera, life is challenging for them. We are here to be a parent’s best friend and your child’s trusted ally. In addition to our medical director being a skilled and caring counselor, we have educators who are experts in child behavior and well-trained camp counselors who care deeply for the well-being of Character Camp kids. We have experienced great success with relational nouthetic counseling which is founded on a trusting relationship and ongoing mentoring to bring about deep and long-lasting impact in the lives of children and their families.

We Offer:

  • Counseling to Families
  • Suicide Prevention Counseling
  • Grief and Crisis Counseling
  • General Guidance Counseling

To Request counseling services, Please call Ms. Cherith Randle at (844) 687-2267.