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Boys To Men

Boys need a man in their corner who is not just a strong man, but also a good man. Boys must see true manhood modeled and they must hear a clear definition of real manhood articulated to them.


“M.Y.  W.O.R.L.D.”

(Mentoring Young Women On Real Life Decisions)

Girls must be 1) Welcomed into a trusted circle, 2) Allowed to share their true hearts, 3) Be accepted as they are, 4) Valued for who they are becoming, 5) Be shown their inner beauty, 6) Be shown their outer beauty and 7) Be empowered with confidence to take on the world.

Kids Have 3 Questions Before Choosing To Bond:

1) Are you real?

2) Will you be here for the long haul?

3) Do you see anything special in me?

The answer to all three questions must be a ‘yes’.


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