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In the safety of a realistic flight simulator (using Lockheed Martin software), students gain the skills needed to pilot an aircraft from pre-flight checkouts to navigating through airport ground control to taxiing down the runway to soaring over the clouds and returning with a perfectly smooth landing. Increased confidence, self-esteem, leadership and maturity are just natural outcomes of the course.

Upon successful completion of this course, students may request to take the FAA private pilot PRACTICE examination through us. This paves the way for students to be successful in an FAA accredited program and to pursue a career in aviation.

Our goal is to expose students to the world of aviation while allowing them to explore the many aspects of the industry and career opportunities. This course allows students to truly consider if a career in aviation is something they would desire to pursue.

The course complexity, level of curriculum detail, testing and lab work are adjusted based on length of curriculum and student ages.

Mobile Aviation Lab Features

·  Safety Systems: Lighted entry/exit, fire extinguisher, smoke detector,
rear emergency exit, emergency egress lighting and signage
·  Wheelchair ramp access
·  Authentic Lockheed Martin (Aircraft Manufacturer) flight simulation software
·  Air conditioning and heating
·  Projector/projector screen
·  Sound System
·  Self-contained Honda ultra-quiet generator package
·  Future Pilot Wings awarded upon Course Completion
·  High illumination classroom lighting
·  Student friendly decor
·  Pilot flight tools
·  Audio/Video training curriculum
·  Instructor-led written & lecture training curriculum
·  Course completion certificates
·  Outdoor adventure stations available
·  Fully insured, liability and medical
· Two child-protection certified instructors, background
screened (criminal and sex offense).

For more information, call Ms. Cherith Randle at (844)-687-2267