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About | Character Camp

We are a group of highly-motivated doctors, engineers, professional educators, coaches, project managers, skilled mentors and others who have a fiery passion for developing children into model citizens. Our committed volunteer pool of more than 40 skilled individuals spans three states and accounts for more than three thousand hours of labor annually.

Brochure: Seven Keys To Transformed Kids 

Our Purpose

The informal organization that would become Character Camp began in 1986 as an outreach to inner city youth to provide mentoring and constructive youth recreational activities. Character Camp was registered as a Texas public charity and recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in 2008. Character Camp has evolved into the premier youth agency in southeast Texas. 

Our Mission

Character Camp was founded as a call to action. Through Character Camp, any person can become involved in rescuing children. We fill a very common need with children: there are countless children who receive assistance with food, clothing and shelter, but are not receiving assistance with their brokenness on the inside, which is what they need most in order to break the cycles of suicide, low performance, destructive choices and crime. Character Camp fills that void by building relationships with these children, connecting them into positive peer networks and mentoring them for years at a time, teaching them character, helping them with critical life skills and getting them on the road to productive citizenship. We focus on twelve key character elements to help develop children into productive, well-adjusted citizens. We use state certified academic instructors and hand-picked mentors. We believe there is no greater cause than changing the future by enriching the lives of children.