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About Character Camp

Character Camp is a nationally acclaimed organization and the premier youth agency of southeast Texas. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. We provide the character education necessary for lifelong success. Along with academic tutoring, we offer youth events and innovative S.T.E.M. programs in Robotics and Aviation. This is our 31st year of “Building Better Kids”.

Brochure: Seven Keys To Transformed Kids 

Our Purpose

Character Camp was founded as a call to action. Through Character Camp, any person can get involved in rescuing children. We deal with children who are rich and poor, black and white, struggling and advanced. We help struggling children break the cycle of poverty and crime to become productive citizens and we help advanced children become confident leaders and mentors.

Our Mission

Character Camp fills a very common unmet need with children. There are countless organizations who provide assistance with food, clothing and shelter. Character Camp addresses the core issues, such as emotional wellbeing and character, which is what children need most in order to break the cycle of poverty and crime. Character Camp fills that void by building real relationships with these children and mentoring them for years at a time, helping them with critical life skills and getting them on the road to productive citizenship. Our programs also teach environmental stewardship and animal kindness.