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Overview For Primavera Scheduling Course

 Cost per Seat: $2,175.00          Course Duration: 4 Days

Next Session Date: September 2024



Turnaround scheduling tends to be one of the most intense applications of project science. Today’s project managers, planners, schedulers and cost professionals need tools that deliver the necessary project insight to maintain schedule and budget commitments for their turnarounds. They often need the ability to leverage project resources across other departments and other locations to ensure project success. The Primavera P6 training program leads students through the entire project life cycle from pre-planning to execution. Students learn how to add activities, assign resources & create a baseline, as well as plan and schedule in P6. It provides in-depth resource management and project management training in Primavera P6. Participants explore industry best practices, useful tips, tricks & techniques and learn common pitfalls to avoid.

Course Outcomes

  • Comprehensive understanding of the most popular project management software in the world, used by petrochemical, power generation, construction, government, medical and aerospace industries in every developed country
  • Learn best practice application of this software and advanced scheduling techniques used in the most demanding setting, which is petrochemical turnarounds
  • Gain practical understanding of scheduling theory and terminology, tips and tricks and common mistakes to avoid
  • Course completion certificate that will be valued and respected in the industry
  • Personalized skills profile conducted and certified by an industry subject matter expert
  • Professional resume assistance to capture the attention and interest of industry recruiters and hiring managers
  • One-on-one interview training with a professional hiring manager and a professional interview guide
  • Placement assistance with resume forwarding to key recruiters and hiring managers and providing personal references to successful candidates.

Who Should Take This Class

Project managers, schedulers, planners, cost professionals and risk professionals. All who wish to explore the potential of an interesting and lucrative career in planning, scheduling and other project controls disciplines.

What You Will Learn

Participants learn to execute all the core scheduling functions of Primavera pertaining to turnarounds. You will learn tips & tricks, best practices and common turnaround methodologies. Students will create projects, assign them to an EPS structure, adjust project settings, optimize user preferences, create code structures, build WBS structures, build a schedule, tie relationship logic, create filters and layouts, progress the schedule, time analyze the schedule, create reusable reports, create calendars, manage resources and so much more.

Class Pace

The class pace will proceed in accordance with the comprehension rate of the participants (4 days minimum).

What is Provided

  • Lunch
  • High performance laptop computer
  • Primavera Software
  • Excel Software
  • Course Curriculum (reference library)
  • Helpful industry tools and templates
  • Q & A session with individuals who are current workers/influencers in the industry

What’s Next

Successful students may apply for membership in our professional project management network to identify them as a project management professional and ensure they are surrounded by individuals who can:

  • Provide technical assistance as needed
  • Share job opening alerts
  • Share helpful opportunities
  • Provide personal employment references

Petrochemical is a high-paying industry with a severe shortage of qualified project management professionals. Students who are not experienced with the petrochemical industry will receive entry-level placement assistance as safety techs whereby they can become familiar with the environment. (TWIC, criminal background check and drug test are required for hiring.)

Students may repeat the training each time it is offered to ensure retention and reinforcement of what they have learned.

Those interested in taking this course should contact Cherith Randle at to enroll. The roster is limited to 15 new participants per class.

Classes are conducted on Saturdays from 8 am until 3 pm.  The address for the class is 5205 South Acres Drive, Houston, Texas 77048.