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$1 Million Dollar Campaign | Character Camp

Focusing On The Total Health of Underprivileged Children

All children are created equal. All deserve the same opportunities for happiness, health and success. All of them deserve a level playing field and an equal promise of a better tomorrow.

The philosophy of Character Camp is that each boy and girl possesses leadership qualities. These leading boys and girls grow up to be leading adults. These catalysts are not born: they are made. Qualities such as honesty, responsibility, hard work, respect and courage are instilled in the right combinations for a winning product. Character Camp has started the $1 Million Dollar Healthy Child Campaign to ensure the leader in every participating boy and girl can be groomed into a productive and outstanding adult. Focusing on the total health of underprivileged children, the campaign seeks to improve the health, safety, academic performance and character of all those encountered.

One Million Dollar Healthy Child Campaign Fund

Character Camp is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity. All donations to Character Camp are fully tax deductible.

Campaign Initiatives

  • A Secure Haven

    A supervised, structured youth club environment for non-school hours to ensure personal safety

  • Health Screenings

    For early screening and prevention of childhood diseases, vision, hearing and mental concerns

  • Obesity Education

    Diet, nutrition and early weight-control education

  • Physical Fitness

    Physically challenging recreational sports and exercise activities

  • Anti-Crime Education

    Prevention of Drug Use, Gangs, Bullying, Youth Delinquency

  • Academic Health

    Afterschool tutoring and rewards system (tracking conduct and academic scores) Early infusion of STEM education

  • Home Health

    Parenting seminars and parent/child social activities, encouraging parents to be informed and engaged

  • Youth Leadership & Career Skills

    Promoting self-confidence and self-reliance, teaching leadership techniques, business skills and computer skills

  • Character Education & Citizenship

    Teaching ethics and qualities necessary for success, helping students develop winsome interpersonal skills, environmental stewardship and productive citizenship