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How To Impact Kids: Start With The Heart
By: Character Camp
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Jan 16, 2015

Kids listen most to the friends they love most…make sure they love you!

Virtually every kid has the same three questions. The answer to all three questions must be ‘yes’ in order for them to truly connect with you:

  • “Are you for real?” They have to know that you have no hidden agenda and no pretense about loving and serving them.
  • “Do you see anything special in me?” Can you see the great person I can become and not just the searching person that I am?
  • “Are you committed to me long-term?” Can I afford to invest my emotions in you? Can I trust that you will stay when I have given you my heart?

Starting with the heart means using people who understand the heart of children. Our caring instructors, mentors and volunteers are hand-picked heroes.

We select from a waiting list of talented individuals who feel honored to shape the future through molding children.

  • We screen, interview and validate the background of every adult.
  • We mandate child protection training and certification for every adult (and the great majority of our adults are CPR/Blood borne Pathogen certified).
  • We select adults who are seeking not just to serve, but to sacrifice.
  • We select adults who have a sense of humor, a nature of gentleness, a spirit of compassionate non-judgmentalism and a heart of unconditional love for children.

Our programs are not just fun, they are effective:

  • The unique environment opens minds to consider new paradigms.
  • The away time disrupts any normal negative inputs.
  • The structure and order sets a high-expectation atmosphere.
  • The “no-electronics” venue minimizes distractions to allow greater focus.
  • The ice-breakers and team builders make it easy to connect with new, positive friends.
  • The fun makes learning easy and more memorable.
  • The consistent royal treatment is a powerful reminder of how special they are.
  • The concentrated time we spend with them allows us to get to know their name and their story and to build real bonds with them.
  • Children naturally connect with nature and the outdoors. Our retreats are exceptional opportunities to teach environmental stewardship and animal kindness.

We enhance the student learning experience through games, music, video curriculum, technology and peer mentors, while always operating on the premise that the best access to the mind is through the heart.