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Summer Programs | Character Camp

“The boy who went to camp is not the same boy who came home!”

Looking for the perfect event for your child between the ages of 6 and 18? Character Camp is one of the most effective and safest youth development organizations in the world. Not only is Character Camp affordable, but it is ultra safe and the best in creativity, enjoyment, learning and character education.
Character Camp has an exceptionally strong reputation, spanning over 30 years with an impeccable track record for safety and effectiveness. Our reputation has earned us broad access to thousands of children. We have partnerships and name recognition with schools in Galveston County, Harris County and Brazoria County as well as in many churches and youth organizations.
The I-CAN Learning System was developed by professional educators at Character Camp. We provide innovative character education, mentoring, academic tutoring and cutting-edge STEM programs (Aviation, Robotics, Electronics, CSI, Computer Coding and Science).

We build confidence, character and leadership skills in children. Every year, we always have something new and exciting! Ever dreamed of your child growing up to be a rocket scientist or a robotics engineer or an electrical engineer? Just want your child to have the right character attributes for lifelong success? Then sign up before all our space sells out again.

Our Summer Youth Retreats (Away Camps) are literally the best of the best.
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Our Summer Day Camp program is a world of adventure and discovery.
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