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University of Houston Downtown – Aviation Partnership
By: Arthur Davidson
Jan 20, 2018

Shown in the photo are youth aviation instructors Eunice (left), Cherith (right) and Cora, U of H Downtown Grants Coordinator (middle). Character Camp is partnering with UHD to train university students how to teach youth aviation. This is a key component of the university’s community engagement program. The mobile aviation lab travels to the university campus on scheduled Saturday mornings to meet with students who are eager to learn aviation and eager to learn how to teach aviation to children. One university student has already begun teaching youth aviation with Character Camp and is now intending to become a pilot himself. The benefits are off the chart when it comes to kids learning aviation. It offers a natural bridge to math and science, surrounds them with positive, goal-oriented peers, offers them a high-paying career option and gives them an incredible boost in self-esteem.


Kenneth weaver

Date: 20 Jan, 2018

Son is interested in aviation can you give me more info