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Fairy Tales Do Come True Precious Princess ~ Sleeping Beauty Weekend
By: Character Camp
Jan 26, 2015

How do you instill self-assurance in young girls and show them their priceless intrinsic value? How do you prepare them to compete with confidence in ‘a man’s world?’ You give them the royal treatment, add lessons on beauty, nutrition and life skills and show them how enjoyable science and math can be.

During the Sleeping Beauty Weekends, girls ages 6 to 12 enjoy a magical experience in a very safe and protective environment, led by skilled, caring instructors.

Character Camp’s Precious Princess program addresses the opportunities and characteristics that are unique to today’s pre-teen girls in order to inspire and maximize their future successes. The weekend is a fun-filled educational event that includes a girls-only overnight hotel slumber party. The Sleeping Beauty weekend emphasizes confidence, character and positive self-esteem. Girls enjoy creative lessons with interesting topics, memorable games, beauty tips and royal treatment!

Royal Topics Include:

  1. Self-Esteem to enhance both Inner Beauty and Outer Beauty.
  2. Royal Character to help instill 12 important character traits for winsome, well-adjusted girls.
  3. Mean Girls is Anti-bullying education, helping girls to not be bullied, nor bully others.
  4. How To Be A King’s Kid helps girls to envision their lives as an unfolding fairytale filled with hope of living happily ever after.
  5. Health teaches girls about healthy eating and exercise.

GIRL POWER!!! The girls do an interesting activity to increase their interest in and awareness of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M.). Despite the fact that females are now earning more degrees, they are on average still paid less than men, partly due to the fact that women often avoid the higher paying careers that are math and science based. The purpose of this awareness is to help level the playing field.