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Parents Can Help Build Independence
By: Arthur Davidson
Aug 17, 2015

Parenting is such a sweet challenge. It is so hard to watch our kids flying toward independence, but still we do everything we can to give them wings. We invest so much of our time and our money in their future success. We are excited to see them find their way in life and move on to big achievements. But how do we manage the risk while we are helping them toward independence? We have to build their confidence, right? But how do we allow them to spend time away from home, for instance, and still know they are safe and being well taken care of? How do we provide them the opportunity to be mentored, but have assurance they are receiving the most positive and wholesome influence available? Have you considered signing them up for participation in a premier quality youth program? Be sure to find a youth organization with a long track record of safety and success. Make sure all mentors and chaperones are thoroughly checked out, trained and closely supervised. Make sure the programs offered are innovative and led by top-notch individuals. It’s our job to help them soar!

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