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Retreats Should Grow Your Kids
By: Character Camp
Jan 20, 2015

Most youth retreats are fun—and they should be! But retreats should be so much more; they should grow a child. Along with the good times and glad memories, retreats should be fulfilling for children. They should be challenging, educational, and inspiring. Children should return home with new skills, new confidence and new maturity. Over the past three decades of working with kids, we have learned the key to impacting them deeply: you first build a trusted relationship with them. Camping (glamour camping) is at the heart of what we do because that is where solid relationships are formed and nurtured. But not just any retreat will do—retreats have to be skillfully crafted to include all the right elements and exclude all the wrong ones.

Character Camp retreats are the best of the best because we take care of the details:

We Create A Protective Environment. From the very first moment with us, kids get the message that they are in a safe place, both physically and emotionally. They know they will not be bullied, criticized, neglected, shunned or abused in any way.

We Create A High-Expectation Environment. We don’t have a ton of rules. We clearly communicate our core values that every child is expected to uphold. From chaperones to campers, good character defines us.

We Create A VIP Environment. At Character Camp, the kids are the center of the universe. Every child is the favorite! Every child is honored, affirmed and a special person.

We Create A Firm Environment. At heart, children want to know that adults are strong and firmly in control. We are caring protectors and kind providers with appropriate solid boundaries that give children a reassuring sense of order and security.

We Create A Positive Environment. Our chaperones are hand-picked from a waiting list of heroes who are eager to serve children, mentors who model character traits that prepare children for success. Likewise, there is always a good number of returning campers who are eager to model what they have learned in previous camps and training sessions. From start to finish, children are surrounded by positive influences.

We Make Our Teaching Relevant. Our certified teachers are masters in their profession. They are skilled at developing age-appropriate curriculum, presenting interesting lessons with memorable illustrations and props. Creative character-building games are always a part of the rich experience.

Our Retreats Are Free of Distraction. We leave the electronics behind—they will not be missed! No telephones, televisions, i-pods or gameboys—just the beauty of creation, the music of nature and the old fashioned joys of making new friends—and fresh ideas on who we can become.

We Maintain A Fun-filled Environment. At Character Camp, every day begins with eyes wide with anticipation! We have a reputation to uphold: “Where fun-filled memories are teachable moments that shape the character and the soul!” Every camp is different and unique. From supervised horseback riding to canoes and go-karts and rock climbing and pristine swimming pools and banana boats and miniature golf and high-energy theme parties, there is always fun in the air and always an unforgettable experience!

Parents and educators have come to know that our tag line is true, “We Work Wonders With Kids!”