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Blog | Character Camp - Part 5

Retreats Should Grow Your Kids
On: Jan 20, 2015
By: Character Camp

Most youth retreats are fun—and they should be! But retreats should be so much more; they should grow a child. Along with the good times and glad memories, retreats should be fulfilling for children. They should be challenging, educational, and inspiring. Children should return home with new skills, new confidence and new maturity. Over the […]

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How To Impact Kids: Start With The Heart
On: Jan 16, 2015
By: Character Camp

Kids listen most to the friends they love most…make sure they love you! Virtually every kid has the same three questions. The answer to all three questions must be ‘yes’ in order for them to truly connect with you: “Are you for real?” They have to know that you have no hidden agenda and no […]

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